Art & Design Scholarships - Current Students

Students must be a current full-time student majoring in Studio Art, Art Education, or Graphic Design, must have a GPA of 3.0 in Art & Design Classes and at least a 2.75 overall GPA and must be enrolled in classes full time for the next academic year, with the understanding that they will also be enrolled in Art & Design classes at that time.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please create ONE single PDF containing the following:
    (Note: To create a PDF, put all information & images into a Word Document. Click ‘File’> ‘Save as Adobe PDF’ or File>Print>Printer>Adobe PDF)
    1. Name
    2. WSC Email
    3. Major (K-12 Art Ed, Graphic Design, or Studio Art)
    4. Academic Year (Fresh/Soph/Jr/Sr)
    5. GPA at WSC overall
    6. GPA in Art & Design courses (Note: GPA is found in your Undergraduate Degree Audit on WildcatsOnline. Your overall GPA is listed near the top right as "WAYNE GPA." Your Art & Design GPA is listed further below, at the top of your majors requirements, as "GPA: 2.000 required, #.### actual.”)
    7. Will you be receiving a full-tuition scholarship in the Spring?
    8. Are you enrolled full-time and in Art & Design courses Spring semester?
    9. Please list any organizational memberships, Art/Design activities, awards, honors, and scholarships (specify dates)
    Five high-quality images for 5 of your current Art or Design works from Studio Art or Graphic Design courses. Include the title, date and medium for each work shown (as in "A Sunny Day, 2021, acrylic" or "Business Logo, 2020, digital"). Please make sure that the images are a minimum of 4 inches in the shortest dimension to be properly viewable.
    Only applications submitted in one single PDF with all required materials will be reviewed.